Semi-Automatic Handguns

Semi-automatic handguns are still legally available across Australia.
The CGA will seek to have all semi- automatic handguns banned from civil usage, importation and exportation from Australia. 

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  • commented 2016-10-18 21:41:40 +1100
    Ok so if we banned each and every LEGALLY OWNED FIREARM will the criminals who do the shootings which are gang related, theft aggravated (stealing, armed robbery, breaking and entering, kidnapping, rape by gun point etc), if we did that would it stop people from obtaining illegal guns? NO it would not.

    Queensland alone could not account for 75,000 semi automatic rifles and shotguns when the 1996 buy back happened. Who were the people who handed in the now RESTRICTED not BANNED but RESTRICTED semi automatics?…That’s right Law abiding citizens who were threatened by the government that "if you do not give in your guns; you will be going to JAIL. If John Howard’s laws worked so well, the why does he need an armed guard on his daily walks by Australian Federal Police if he banned these so called “RAPID FIRE WEAPONS”.

    I’m sick of Firearms being referred to as “Weapons” because the only time an inanimate object is used as a weapon is when it is used on something or someone…Period! Are the Police’s firearms referred to as weapons? YES because they are on them to shoot someone if the situation arises. A LEGALLY OWNED firearm is not designed or designated for that because in Australia they are for sporting use / recreational use or work (farmer, security guard or professionally paid pest controllers etc), they are not designed or given to people who pass the strict criteria by the SAME GOVERNMENT who made these gun laws for use in self-defence, although the government doesn’t know which criminal’s have firearms only the ones honest citizens who ask for, pay for honestly, and who REGISTER their firearms.

    Here is a good and very valid argument. If Laws worked then would there be no drugs in Australia? I mean we have very tight controlled substances laws, acts and amendments but there are labs being made everywhere in country towns, cities, suburbs, home grown hydroponic marijuana and many many rapes, overdoses and murders carried out when people are either drugged by a person they know, don’t know or take the drugs if the drug laws don’t allow the importation of cocaine and heroin, how does it come into Australia as we don’t have the means to grow it here nor can we legally import it as it is a controlled substance. So if the laws are so tough and tight why is there such a drug problem in schools, society, being delt in clubs around the city, in music festivals with people knowingly taking it into these venues, selling it and making illegal money…would it not make sense that because these are all banned and are a criminal offence with jail time, criminal record and a high chance of never being employed ever again as many employers ask for a criminal history screening prior to employment commencement? Would Australians believe there would be no such thing as drugs because of these laws? HELL NO! The criminal element are intent on doing what they want to do and not caring to what laws are out there…that is why they are criminals.

    So by banning guns, all you do is stop law abiding people asking for them with the correct training, legitimate reason as stated in the FIREARMS ACT, NATIONAL FIREARMS AGREEMENT and STATE LEGISLATION AMENDMENTS, making the only people to be in control of firearms; the military, police, certain government agencies and THE CRIMINALS because the government doesn’t know where the criminals guns are..only the people who have told them (LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!).
  • commented 2015-09-09 17:10:28 +1000
    They are used in the Olympic Games… 25 m rapid fire pistol… One of the safest sports in the world !!!