Our Policies

Semi-Automatic Handguns

Semi-automatic handguns are still legally available across Australia.
The CGA will seek to have all semi- automatic handguns banned from civil usage, importation and exportation from Australia. 

National Park Safety

Laws passed in the NSW Parliament that allow shooting in National Parks are a significant risk to the health and safety of people visiting national parks, and people who live near them. Let’s leave the pest control to qualified professional national park shooters working in controlled areas. 

Semi-automatic firearms have no place in australia

Over 9,000 firearms have been stolen between 2004 and 2012. The majority of these firearms were stolen from residential dwellings. The GCA seeks an urgent review of firearm storage requirements to ensure firearms and the safes they are contained in, cannot be readily removed from their storage requirements.

Audit of National Gun Laws

The GCA will seek a national audit of gun laws across Australia. The audit will assess each State and Territory’s compliance with the 1996 Port Arthur, National Agreement on Firearms. 

Additional Policies

Acquisition of firearms

GCA seeks an immediate review of the ‘Permit to Acquire’ system.
The system has allowed the stockpiling of an average of five guns per licence holder. It has also allowed some license holder to acquire more than 50 guns each.


GCA will seek to abolish of minors permits. In some states a child as young as 12 is allowed to apply for a firearm minors permit. In states like Western Australia there is no age limit. The permit allows the child, under supervision, to use a firearm including semi-automatic handguns. Minors’ permits are a breach of the 1996 Port Arthur Firearm Agreement. This Agreement only allows those 18 years and above should be allowed to possess or own a firearm.

Try before you buy

GCA will seek to remove s.6B of the Firearms Act 1996 (NSW). This section allows for persons to shoot at a gun club without a licence or permit.

National Committee on Gun Violence

GCA is calling on the Commonwealth Government to establish a National Committee on Gun Violence in response to growing gun violence in Australia. The Committee’s brief would be to examine the level of gun violence in Australia, to review explanations for such violence and make recommendations for the control and prevention of gun violence.

Domestic violence

In NSW, a person who has been subject to a domestic violence order may still gain to access their firearm, even when it was revoked due to the order. GCA will seek to have domestic violence laws amended to ensure that anyone who has been subject to a domestic violence order cannot immediately apply to have their firearm returned.