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We need your urgent help to ban the Adler A110 and prevent mass importation of this rapid-fire weapon.

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Improvements in firearm technology and design has turned the old clunky lever-action shotgun into a modern rapid-fire gun that can shoot 8 rounds in 8 seconds.

Even though the design of the lever action shotgun has changed the categorisation of this firearm has not, and this weapon is currently falling through a loophole in our gun laws.

Currently all lever action shotguns (even ones with magazines) are categorised as a ‘general hunting rifle’ (Category A & B) - the least restrictive firearm category available to the majority of firearm licence holders, of which there are over 800,000.

We understand that primary producers, military etc. require access to these firearms for genuine purposes, however recreational shooters have no reason to access a rapid-shot firearm.

The Federal Government needs to act now to prevent this rapid fire shotgun from flooding the Australian market.

Despite a warning from the Australian Crime Commission in 2015, the Federal Justice Minister, the Hon. Michael Keenan, approved the importation of the Adler 5+1 shot. Over 7,000 have already arrived in Australia. An Adler A110 do-it-yourself magazine extension kit is now also available across Australia, turning the 5+1 into an 11 shot firearm.

Currently, there is a ban on the importation of the Adler 7 +1 shot, but this ban expires in August this year.

We are urging the Federal Government to restrict the Adler A110 gun, and the new Pardus LAC12, under a Category ‘C’ firearm.